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Customer Support Software: Our Top Picks

Updated: Jul 9

Choosing the right customer support software can help you take your customer service to the next level

Finding the right customer service software for your business allows you to seamlessly blend all the customer communication channels into one. These softwares allow you to store records of calls, emails, web interactions, social media comments, and any other relevant data into a single unified system so that customer concerns are addressed quickly and consistently.

Blending your originally fragmented customer data and merging it into one location allows you to make consistent routing rules, unified reporting, and real-time visibility into omnichannel performance. In other words, it allows you to communicate with your customers frictionlessly and get valuable insights on their experience with your brand.

There are more and more customer service softwares popping up every day, so finding the right one for you business can be tricky. Most solutions are cloud-based and work across the omnichannel spectrum, integrate with all the major CRM’s, and provide valuable reporting insights and analytics to help you make better decisions to improve your customer experience. To help you make the right choice, we’ve identified some of the leaders in the space that we’ve had the most success working with.

Customer Engagement Solutions

Gorgias: If you are using Shopify or Magento for e-commerce, look no further than Gorgias. Its integration with both software is outstanding and allows your team to do almost everything right from the Gorgias platform (cancellations, refunds, replacements, customer details, and more). Lots of big names in the e-commerce space have made the transition to Gorgias. Plus their pricing model is based on ticket volume, not users which is nice for SMBs.

Zendesk: One of the oldest, leading customer support platform used by most large organizations. Great for large ticket volumes and omnichannel interactions. You can get the all-inclusive Zendesk suite or choose the package that works best for you. Used by Airbnb, Uber, Bombas, HelloAlfred, among others.

Freshdesk: American Express and DHL use Freshdesk, a direct competitor with Zendesk, it offers similar omnichannel support.

Kustomer: Kustomer's seamless and easy to use software assigns “health scores” to each customer, providing you insights on each customer’s level of satisfaction and happiness. E-commerce retail brands Away, Rent the Runway, and Glossier all use Kustomer.

Talkdesk: Voice-heavy customer interactions and provides valuable quantitative metrics on each conversation. Talkdesk's Omnichannel solution provides integrated customer support through SMS, live chat, email, social messaging and more.

Gladly: "Gladly helps top brands build lifelong relationships that drive loyalty and long-term revenue."Jetblue, Godiva, and luggage brand TUMI all use Gladly's omnichannel solution to provide the best customer experience to their client base.

Each of these softwares have amazing features and should be evaluated to see which one fits your needs and provides the best bang-for-your-buck.

About Horatio:

Based in New York City, Horatio is a leading provider of customer experience and support outsourcing services. At Horatio, we like to say “do what you do best, and hire Horatio to do the rest.” Horatio partners with high-growth and innovative companies to develop their customer support strategy and provides a handpicked team to execute it. Horatio’s number one focus is on providing world-class quality customer support that speaks your brand. Our team is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and expertise to ensure a great customer experience every time.

To learn more about Horatio, please email info@hirehoratio.com or visit www.hirehoratio.com

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